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Bonnie's Sticker Set

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Bonnie’s Large Logo Sticker

Size : 110 x 125 cm

Application : Outside

Details : Given in 2 pieces with aligning help so the alignment is perfect. 

Copies : 1

Bonnie’s + Wording Sticker

White Sticker Size : 67 x 32,7 cm

Black Sticker Size : 67 x 16,5 cm

Application : Outside

Copies : 4 of each colors

Details : Given separately( White / Black ) 


Bonnie’s Logo Sticker

Size : 40 x 19,5 cm

Application : Outside

Copies: 4

Application tool included. 

Please understand that there may be a slight color variation between the printed product and what you see on your screen. This difference can occur due to various factors, including photographic lighting sources and individual monitor settings. We strive to minimize these variations to provide you with the best possible product.

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Important information about the product

Application Methods

Outside Sticker Application:


- Highly visible: Stickers applied on the outside of a window or surface are easily noticeable.


- Weather resistance: While we use industrial-grade weatherproof material for durability (5 years or more), outside stickers may have a shorter lifespan compared to those applied inside.

- Potential tampering: Stickers on the outside can be more susceptible to vandalism or removal, potentially compromising the intended message or design.


Inside Sticker Application:


- Protection from external factors: Stickers applied on the inside of a window or surface are shielded from weather conditions, ensuring longer-lasting durability.


- Limited visibility: Inside stickers may not be as easily seen from the outside, especially if the window has tinting or a lot of sun reflexion. 

Included with order
  • Application tool for all orders above 120€
  • Clear application instruction in German and English
⚠️ Important

• Semi-permanent sticker, once applied they can not be re-applied !

• This is NOT using real gold but is an alternative to real gold gilding window decoration

• Do not apply on rough or textured surfaces. It is the buyer responsibility to insure that the surface is fine for application

• All measurements are given in centimeters (cm) unless mentioned otherwise in the pictures and description