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Set of 2 Gold Chrome Stickers

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Sticker 1  - Size : 39 x 27 cm
Sticker 2 - Size : 26,5 x 21 cm 

Details : 2 different designs - 1 unit of each

Color : Chrome Gold 

Application : Outside

Price: 110€ for both sticker

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Important information about the product

Application Methods

Outside Sticker Application:


- Highly visible: Stickers applied on the outside of a window or surface are easily noticeable.


- Weather resistance: While we use industrial-grade weatherproof material for durability (5 years or more), outside stickers may have a shorter lifespan compared to those applied inside.

- Potential tampering: Stickers on the outside can be more susceptible to vandalism or removal, potentially compromising the intended message or design.


Inside Sticker Application:


- Protection from external factors: Stickers applied on the inside of a window or surface are shielded from weather conditions, ensuring longer-lasting durability.


- Limited visibility: Inside stickers may not be as easily seen from the outside, especially if the window has tinting or a lot of sun reflexion. 

Included with order
  • Application tool for all orders above 120€
  • Clear application instruction in German and English
⚠️ Important

• Semi-permanent sticker, once applied they can not be re-applied !

• This is NOT using real gold but is an alternative to real gold gilding window decoration

• Do not apply on rough or textured surfaces. It is the buyer responsibility to insure that the surface is fine for application

• All measurements are given in centimeters (cm) unless mentioned otherwise in the pictures and description